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          Welcome to visit the official website of Zhejiang Yishi Valve Co., LTD.
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          ——————————————————about us——————————————————

          After more than 20 years of eventful years, adhering to the "innovation, pioneering spirit" of the enterprise.

          Zhejiang Yiste Valve Co., LTD., formerly known as Ruian Dongfang Valve Co., LTD., was founded in April 1993, with a registered capital of 11 million yuan. After more than 20 years of experience, it has been adhering to the "unremitting innovation, pioneering and enterprising". The enterprise spirit, accumulated steadily, won the trust and praise of our customers, partners and peers. Now has a number of national invention patents, dozens of utility model and design patents, is a science and technology type small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province Industry, Wenzhou science and technology innovative enterprises, and a product included in the science and technology plan project. The company has an excellent scientific research team, actively committed to the transformation of scientific research results and the development of new products, the introduction of digestion at home and abroad first In order to adapt to the ever-changing market demand, the company has a 200M2 industrial valve laboratory. Our company is a scientific research, production, economic and trade in one of the modern science and technology enterprises, is specialized in the production of environmental sanitation machinery One of the leading enterprises supporting products, the production and operation of more than 20 series of nearly 4,000 kinds of specifications "Eist" brand of various ball valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic cut-off valves, electric regulating valves and complete sets of industrial automation instruments. Technical strength Thick, good equipment, stable product quality, complete varieties, and in the automation valve industry took the lead in the quality of three packages of commitment...

          • Culture

            Unity forge ahead, the pursuit of perfection
            Continuous innovation and harmonious development

          • Idea

            Science and technology guide, create first-class products
            Integrity-based, to provide quality service

          • History

            YISITE After more than 20 years
            The eventful years accumulate

          Product Center

          One of the leading enterprises specializing in the production of environmental sanitation machinery supporting products

          News Center

          Create the industry front public opinion system, real-time report of enterprise trends

          • Our Promise
          • Our Strength
          • Our Future
          • 7*24

            24 hours after sale

            National service hotline

          • 退換貨

            Return Policy

            After-sale worry-free guarantee

          • 專業培訓

            Training Courseware

            Training Courseware

          • 定制方案

            Protection Scheme

            Supplying valve Equipment

          • 歷經20多年的歷史
            20-year history
          • 30w平方廠房面積
            30w square plant area
          • 全球銷售量90w+
            Sales volume 90w+
          • 精準技藝匠心制造
          • 同行
            Joint Development
          • 開創市場需求
            Create market demand
          • 招商加盟
            Join Investment
          • 凝聚技術力量
            Gather strength

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